This blog serves as a site for source material. I gather info regarding human intervention into the natural world and its effects on individuals and the planet. Most recently I am focusing on seeds and the chemical companies that are creating genetically modified versions. Vast acres of land are poisoned before these seeds are planted -seeds that contain a gene to not be ‘affected’ by the poison. Monsanto, Cargill and Dow are the largest companies in this arena. The plants such as soy, canola, corn and wheat become the main ingredients in foods we all consume.

Monday, May 6, 2013 Save Vegetable Seeds in Your Backyard

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Save Vegetable Seeds in Your Backyard

Follow these seed saving techniques to save seed from your vegetable garden. Learn how to collect, label and store seeds, perform germination testing and understand seed longevity. Originally published as "Save Your Own Garden-Grown Vegetable Seed" in the September/October 1977 issue of MOTHER EARTH NEWS. wrote: Gathering your own seeds

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